Introducing DOC®, The Revolutionary High-Rise Material Hoisting System

Move more with less.  Adding a DOC® High-Rise Material Hoist will boost job site performance and cut labor and materials costs on any high-rise construction project.  Easy to operate, these hoists can carry heavier, longer loads than a construction elevator, opening the door to cost-effective material alternatives, while shortening timelines and reducing the burden on the tower crane.

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Setting Higher Standards

Snell Crane has been serving Washington State with exceptional Operated Crane Service since 1992.

From careful cultivation and attention to detail, Snell Crane has established a reputation of providing safe, reliable Crane Service to Washington State and beyond. We have worked with many of the major contractors and construction firms around Olympia and the Pacific Northwest on a wide array of projects.

Located off Highway 101 in Olympia, Snell Crane is strategically located for quick access to major highways and freeways. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers, and establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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