High-Rise Material Hoisting

The DOC™ Material Hoist System works like a series of drawers on a high-rise building, one drawer for each floor. Powered platforms are fully-retractable, allowing the hoist or crane to land material onto an extended platform, then retract back into the building where the material is offloaded.

Installation and Operation is quick and easy. We will deliver and install the system on your jobsite in just a matter of hours. We also offer operated rental of our DOC™ system, so we will provide a fully insured operator and rigger to lift your materials, saving you labor costs, time, and resources.

Here is a video of our DOC™ Hoist System being installed on a multi-story building here in Washington:

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Advantages of Our Cantilevered Hoisting Platform

Our DOC™ Material Hoist System includes a 4 ton capacity hoist mounted to a platform at the top floor of a building, followed by one or more fully-retractable Loading Platforms on each floor requiring access. The system is completely self-contained, requiring only a 480/3 phase electical service, eliminating the need for a tower crane to move certain types of materials. This allows your tower crane to continue building the structure higher, while finishing floors below using a Material Hoist system.

Of course, if you prefer to use a tower crane for the lifting, we do rent our Loading Platforms without the Hoist. This allows your tower crane to drop materials onto an extended Loading Platform on a particular floor, to be distributed as needed.

  • Specially designed Hoist for lifting material to lower OR same floor hoist is on
  • Decks extend and retract mechanically
  • Ramp moves with deck for easy unloading
  • Low shoring reactions
  • Fast line speed
  • Hoist is operated by remote control from anywhere on the jobsite
  • Easy Installation

Cost Saving Advantages

By delegating the handling of materials to our Material Hoist System, construction elevators can be used to move people and small materials, while tower cranes continue to build the structure of the building. Material Hoists can handle 3-5 times the amount of material than a standard construction elevator can handle, adding to the efficiency of the system. Time saved on waiting for elevators is drastically reduced, in turn cutting costs and reducing time lines.

  • Eliminate or drastically reduce wait time for the construction elevator due to material being transported
  • Reduce the amount of times material gets handled before reaching it’s final destination
  • Improve Tower Crane production
  • Reduce Tower Crane overtime or weekend work to move material, DOC™ can move the material during the week
  • Keep elevators available to move employees to and from the floors at reduced waiting time

Safety Advantages

The footprint required by our system is roughly 20ft x 20ft, so material is not flying over the entire construction site, increasing safety dramatically compared to other alternatives.

  • LMI system provides real-time weight, wind speed, and hook elevation measurements
  • Powered Decks – No physical labor to extend or retract decks
  • Avoids mixing employees with material on construction elevators
  • Lowest shoring reactions to the building
  • Loading zone directly below hoist: No more material flying over entire job site
  • Fully retractable decks provide unobstructed hoist path
DOC® High-Rise Material Hoisting
DOC® High-Rise Material Hoist overlooking Elliot Bay in Seattle, WA.

Case Study: 15-story building, Sheetrock Distribution

Our first example is a 15-story building with an average of 2,760 sheets of drywall per floor, 41,400 sheets in all. We will compare Labor costs of 7 Laborers loading/unloading an elevator versus 4 Laborers loading/unloading a DOC™ Material Hoist System, using a Labor rate of $65/hr. We are figuring normal job site hours, and normal traffic levels.

The Elevator

The construction elevator can carry two sheetrock carts, each cart carrying 13 sheets of drywall, for a total of 26 sheets of drywall per load. Employees will also be using the elevator to access areas of the building. With this particular traffic load, the elevator can handle 4 loads of drywall per hour.

This equates to approximately 106 loads of drywall per floor using the elevator, which will take an estimated 26.5 hours to complete each floor. At $65/hr and 7 Laborers, that’s over $12,000 per floor in Labor costs. To get drywall on all 15 floors would take the 7 laborers approximately 400 hours and would cost a little over $181,000 in labor.

The DOC™ Material Hoist System

A DOC™ Material Hoist System can lift 2 bundles of 26 sheets of drywall (52 sheets) at a time, that’s 100% more than an elevator. The elevator will be free to move employees and small materials, so an average of 8 loads per hour is possible using the DOC™ Material Hoist system.

Supplying drywall to each floor will take 53 loads per floor with the DOC™ Material Hoist System, and the 4 Laborers can do it in just over 6 hours. Labor cost is reduced by 81%, totalling just $1,725 per floor. The whole building will take less than 100 hours and Labor costs are limited to under $25,000, for the entire building. That’s about $2000 less than just two floors using the Elevator.


Incorporating a DOC™ Material Hoist into your construction plan early on will save thousands of dollars in Labor costs, and countless hours of material handling tasks. By delegating all Material Hoisting to the DOC™ Material Hoist System, material lifting capacity is doubled, and Labor cost is decreased by about 80%.

Give us a call today to see how a DOC™ Material Hoist System can increase your job site efficiency.