Let Snell Crane Service take care of the heavy lifting!

Snell Crane Service provides logistics and storage services to go along with our superior Operated Crane and Material Hoist services.  We focus on offering contractors with a full suite of logistics solutions, geared to increase efficiency of every project.  From insured Riggers to full Storage solutions, Snell Crane does a lot more than just lifting.

Save Time and Money with Full-Service Storage and Logistics

With our Full-Service Storage and Hauling, we will unload, store, reload, and truck equipment and materials to job sites where space is a challenge or for turn-key operations.

  • Load / Unload and Haul using our Fleet of Cranes and Trailers.
  • Store Materials and Equipment at our Secure On-Site Storage Facility
  • Equipment and Materials delivered to jobsite when you are ready.

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Tractor Trailer Rental

Tractor Trailer Rental

Haul equipment and materials with our 40'-48' Flatbed/Step Deck and B-Train Trailers.

Secure On-Site Storage

Secure Storage

We have a securely monitored storage site, allowing us to unload, store, load and haul your equipment to your site.

30ton Tractor Mount Crane w/ Trailer

30ton Tractor Mount with Trailer

Save costs and labor by using our Tractor Mount Crane with Trailer. Haul equipment and materials to the job site quickly and efficiently.

Lowboy Trailer Rental

Lowboy Trailer Rental

Haul up to 90 tons on our 12 axle heavy-duty Lowboy Trailer.

Riggers and Signalpersons

Certified and Insured Rigging Services

Certified and insured Riggers and Signalpersons for hire by the hour.