Crane Rental

Serving the Pacific Northwest with exceptional operated crane service for over 20 years

Keeping up with construction deadlines can be difficult, especially in the fast-paced construction industry here in the Pacific Northwest. At Snell Crane, our goal is to provide contractors with fast, safe, and complete crane and hoisting services that increase job site efficiency and reduce timelines.

Our diverse fleet of lifting equipment can handle practically any job. We adhere to strict maintenance schedules and safety procedures in order to provide our customers with the safest, most reliable level of service possible. Our experienced staff can assist you when determining what type of equipment you will need for your project. If needed, a lift specialist will arrange a meeting at the site to determine the best plan for a successful lift.

Common Jobs Include:

  • Air Conditioning Unit Installation
  • Radio / Cell-Phone Tower Maintenance
  • Trees, Boulders, and Landscaping
  • Building Materials
  • Bridge & Girder Installations
  • Steel & Iron Building Erection

The Fleet

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Load Charts

Make & Model Type Capacity Boom Length Jib Length Total Length
Grove RT-860 Rough Terrain 60t 115ft 60ft 183ft 60 115 60 183
Liebherr LTR-1060 Crawler 60t 131ft 52ft 191ft 60 131 52 191
Manitex 50155s Truck Crane 50t 155ft 39ft 203ft 50 155 39 203
Grove RT-750 Rough Terrain 50t 110ft 56ft 171ft 50 110 56 171
Grove TM500E-2 Truck Crane 45t 102ft 45ft 147ft 45 102 45 147
Demag AC40-1 City Class Crane 45t 102ft 43ft 154ft 45 102 43 154
DOC® Material Hoist Material Hoist 4t N/A N/A N/A 4
Terex Explorer 5800 All Terrain 245t 230ft 108ft 338ft 245 230 108 338
Grove GMK 5240 All Terrain 240t 197ft 125ft 322ft 240 197 125 322
Simon RO 4795 Boom Truck 23t 92ft 10ft 102ft 23 92 10 102
Demag AC-435 All Terrain 185t 164ft 98ft 264ft 185 164 98 264
Liebherr LTR-1100 Crawler 100t 171ft 62ft 237ft 100 171 62 237